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Your Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

by Oct 15, 2019

Energy-efficient windows are all the rage nowadays and it’s honestly no surprise. After all, apart from keeping your home comfortable, you can also save a significant amount thanks to them. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know what to look at when picking energy-efficient windows and they wind up with a window that’s not right for their home.

In this post, residential roof services provider John Henderson Construction, LLC gives you a step-by-step guide to choosing energy-efficient windows for your home.

Step #1: ENERGY STAR® Label and Ratings

If you plan to buy an energy-efficient window, look for the ones that have the ENERGY STAR label. However, that’s just the first step as there are actually two ratings for these kinds of windows: the U-factor and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The U-Factor is a rating that shows how much non-solar heat can escape through the window and the lower it is, the more efficient the window is. The SHGC, on the other hand, determines how much solar heat can enter the window. Like the U-factor, the lower it is, the better.

Step #2: The Right Framing

Surprisingly enough, the window frame is an important factor when buying energy-efficient windows. In fact, the material the window is made of is what determines its energy-efficiency. According to experts, vinyl and fiberglass window frames are the best framing materials to go for in terms of energy-efficiency. If you’re still conflicted, you can always ask the window and new roof installation contractors of John Henderson Construction, LLC for advice.

Step #3: Window Glazing

Apart from the frames and ENERGY STAR label, the glazing of your window glass also helps a window become more energy-efficient. Unfortunately, there are many types of glazing, which can make it harder for you to choose. As a rule of thumb, homeowners are recommended to pick according to their climate and home design for efficiency.

In terms of the kinds of glazing, you can choose between gas fills, which involves filling the panes with inert gasses for a lower U-Factor, heat-absorbing tints to reduce heat transfer, Low-E coatings for reduced energy loss or reflective coatings to reduce your window’s SHGC.

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