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What to Include in a Roofing File

by Sep 4, 2020

A roofing file helps homeowners keep track of their roof’s maintenance, allowing them to stay on top of any necessary repairs or roof replacement. However, to make the most of it, it needs to be complete and detailed. 

To properly put together a roofing file, here’s what you’ll need:

Basic Roof Info

Your roof’s dimensions, the kind of roofing material installed, and the brand used or the name of the manufacturer should be included in your roofing file. Using the same brand of roofing shingle will help ensure your roof’s performance remains consistent. 

Receipts Issued by Your Contractor 

It’d be a good idea to keep the receipts issued by your contractor in a roofing file. These receipts can serve as proof your roof underwent routine maintenance in case you need to file a claim with your insurer. Irregular or improper maintenance, or any negligence on the homeowner’s part for that matter, can void your insurance policy. 

Inspection Reports

Previous roof inspection reports can also serve as proof your roofing system was maintained properly. Your contractor will also need these for future inspections, as these contain important information about parts of the roof that have yet to undergo thorough inspection. Pieces of information such as these to rule out certain areas of your roof and detect potential roof issues faster. 

Warranty Info

You should go through your warranty policy at least twice to make sure you don’t miss any important details. 

Your Contractor’s Contact Details

Don’t forget to include the contact information of your roofing contractors. That way, you can immediately contact them in the event you have a roofing emergency. 

Looking for professional roofing contractors near you? Don’t forget to vet them. After all, it takes a certain level of expertise and experience to detect the subtle warning signs of early roofing damage. 

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