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How To Maintain Your Siding During The Fall Season

by Sep 23, 2019

Thanks to its agreeable weather conditions, the fall season is the best time to start some home improvement and maintenance projects. You can replace your roof during this time of the year, clean your windows, and even cut down some dead trees on your property. What most don’t realize, however, is that fall is also the best time to maintain your home’s siding.

In this post, siding and commercial roofing contractors from John Henderson Construction, LLC discuss the siding maintenance tasks you shouldn’t overlook this fall season.


While the fall season is here, make sure to have your siding inspected for any signs of damage. This is the best time to do so since the weather won’t impede your siding professional’s progress and they can easily spot any damage that can cause further damage to your home.


During the fall season, take the time to ensure that the necessary repairs are done to your home’s siding. By doing so, you can easily prolong your siding’s lifespan and energy efficiency, allowing you to save some money during the upcoming winter season. If you have vinyl siding, you can repair the holes or dents created by hail stones. If you have fiber cement siding, you can replace the cracked boards without replacing the entire thing.


On the other hand, if your siding doesn’t require any repairs, siding and new roof installation contractors recommend that you take the time to clean your siding as well. Most siding materials are easy to clean anyway; all you’ll need is a bucket of warm, soapy water, a soft bristled brush and a hose to remove dirt and grime from the siding and allow your home to look good as new just in time for the holiday season.


While your gutters aren’t part of the siding, they will still benefit if you take the necessary steps to properly maintain them. During the fall season, leaves from nearby trees are falling quickly and they can easily get stuck in your gutter system, which can result in clogs. A clogged gutter can cause water to overflow and run down your siding, encouraging moisture damage and mold growth. By having a professional take proper care of your gutters, you can easily spare your siding from any form of damage.

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