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Exterior Home Improvement Projects to Avoid When Selling Your Home

by Apr 3, 2019

Have you thought about investing in exterior home improvement before you sell your house? 

Most homeowners want to increase the value of their home through home improvement projects. If you’re like them, you’ve considered calling roofing contractors to give your home’s curb appeal a boost, but while this can be a good idea for some, many still tend to fall for common mistakes, spending tons of money without getting much return on investment.  

Here are some other examples of exterior home improvement projects to avoid when you’re planning to sell your house:

  1. Building a Pool

A pool might be expensive to build, but don’t expect much from it when you sell your house. Now, if you want a pool and you can see that selling your house is imminent, it’s better to keep that extra cash and build one on your next home. Besides, the resale price will still depend on the location of your property. In some cases, it can actually lower the price of your house as it is not a favored feature for all.

  1. Garage Conversion 

The rule of thumb is don’t invest large amounts of money for home improvement projects when you plan to sell your house. Garage conversions fall under this theory because such projects can amount up to a staggering $60,000, with only a 60% return on investment. Stick to maintenance such as roof replacement, window repair and deck renovations.

  1. Deck Improvements

Maybe the summer season is coming, but you should think about your future relocation first. Deck improvements are considered maintenance responsibility of the homeowner so some might see it as a liability instead of a selling point.

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