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Do You Need Gutter Guards?

by Nov 9, 2020

Falling leaves, along with other windswept debris, can collect in your gutters and cause rainwater to either spill and damage your siding or back up and ruin your shingles. If you are asking yourself, “Do I need gutter guards?” then the answer is a definite yes. In this article, one of the leading roof coatings installation companies in Rhode Island discusses the reasons why:

Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Exterior

Dead leaves, pine needles, bird droppings and other debris sitting in your gutters are not only unsightly but also detrimental to your exterior home. Installing gutter guards can prevent clogged gutters and fend off all the costly repairs that come with them. In addition, you will not have to worry about soil erosion, basement flooding, roof leaks and mildew buildup in your gutters, giving you peace of mind during a stormy day.

Gutter Guards Prevent Pest Infestation

Debris is not all gutter guards keep out. Small animals like raccoons, opossums, birds and squirrels can find your gutters a safe, cozy shelter to keep their families in. Similarly, insects such as bees, mosquitoes and termites are attracted to frequently wet, compact environments. Trusted cedar roof companies recommend the installation of gutter guards to help homeowners avoid nasty surprises during a gutter cleaning session.

Gutter Guards Add Value to Your Home

Gutter guards are a smart, simple way to increase the value of a home. This is beneficial to homeowners who are planning to sell their houses in the near future. Gutter guards tidy up the look of the exterior, improving the curb appeal of your residence. Taking all the steps to enhance the overall appearance of your roofing structure can offer you plenty of benefits when you are least expecting it.

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