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7 Reasons to Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding for Your Home

by Nov 26, 2019

Insulated vinyl siding increases your home’s R-value, which means lower annual energy bills. It’s available in a wide range of colors and requires very minimal maintenance. Aside from that, this material also offers better weather resistance and sound control properties than standard siding.

Read on as one of the area’s top siding replacement companies shares reasons to choose insulated vinyl siding.

Variety of Options

When it comes to insulated vinyl siding, you have various options for finishes, styles and colors. It ensures you have a siding that complements your home.


The foam back insulation keeps your siding flush with the wall and prevents waviness, which can reduce the appeal of your home.

Fewer Seams

Insulated vinyl siding is 39 percent longer than traditional twelve-foot panels. It has a straighter, cleaner exterior and reduces wall irregularities.

Energy Efficiency

You can get an R-value of up to 5.3 with an insulated vinyl siding. At John Henderson Construction, LLC, we only install high-quality, energy-efficient siding. As one of the area’s most experienced siding and window replacement companies, we can help you choose the perfect siding for your home.

Weather Resistance

Insulated vinyl siding can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, weather changes and harsh winds.

Noise Reduction

This option is beneficial for homes located near major highways, cities or noisy places. Even if it’s chaotic outside, your home will remain peaceful and quiet if you choose insulated vinyl siding.

Return on Investment

You can get up to 80 percent or more return on investment by choosing insulated vinyl siding because of its higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

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