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Top Considerations When Making a Roof Management Strategy

by Mar 13, 2020

When it comes to managing a commercial roofing system, reliable contractors often prefer being strategic. They’re committed to meeting your goals and developing a work plan that fits your needs. That’s why they utilize every piece of information about your roofing in order to ensure the right approach. 

In this post, John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the most reputable commercial roof and cedar roof companies, lists a few questions that you should address with your contractor when making a roof management strategy.

What’s Your Plan for the Property?

Let your contractor know what you plan to do with the property in the coming years. Do you intend to keep doing your business there for the next couple of decades, or will you be moving to a different location once the opportunity presents itself? Are you planning to make changes to the building, such as renovations or additions? Deciding on this can give your contractor a good time frame for the roof management strategy. This will also enable them to give you a kind of advice that best serves your interest.

What’s the History of Your Roofing System?

Roofers will be very interested in the past repairs and maintenance done on your roofing. Try to prepare these information so that your contractor can get a whole picture:

  1. Date of roof installation
  2. Roof manufacturer and warranty information
  3. Name of the roof installer
  4. Maintenance records and photos
  5. Roofing issues that have occurred over the years

What Are the Contents of the Building?

Do you have expensive machinery in your building? Is it a warehouse containing stocks of various products? Are there people living in your building? You have to be specific about what your roof is protecting as this will inform the nitty-gritty of your commercial roof management strategy.

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