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The Various Benefits of Aluminum Gutters

by Apr 15, 2020

Aluminum gutters have quickly become the most popular rainwater gutter systems used to fulfill both residential and commercial needs. Boasting exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, they are a long-lasting, effective solution for protecting your home or business against water damage.

John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the leading new roof installation contractors in the area, shares the various benefits of choosing aluminum gutters for your property.

Timeless Aesthetics

An aluminum gutter system comes in different styles and designs to choose from. This guarantees a perfect fit that won’t look out of place once installed. In addition to this, you can find aluminum gutters in a variety of colors to match your property’s exterior. The material itself is not prone to color bleaching, which is the result of prolonged sun exposure. Throughout its lifecycle, expect the entire system to look like new.


Residential and commercial roofing contractors choose aluminum gutters because of their superior long-term durability. An entire aluminum gutter system can last up to about 30 years with proper upkeep. Also, the material isn’t expected to shatter or crack under temperature fluctuations. Seamless aluminum gutters tend to last long because they don’t promote leaks and feature unsightly joints.

Ease of Installation

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, making installation a breeze depending on the type of gutter system used. Segmented gutters are simple and easy to install even by a single person. The same can be said for the seamless types, but it would require multiple people to lift and fit it into place. Even so, they only require very little time compared with other gutter materials and wouldn’t be costly to be fitted professionally.

At John Henderson Construction, LLC, we don’t just provide residential roofing services—we can also be relied upon for your gutter installation needs. With us, you’ll enjoy a personalized experience and products tailored to your home. We bring our gutter extrusion machine on-site so we can manufacture your new gutters to your home’s exact specifications. We also utilize a high-performance gauge of aluminum so your gutters can stand up to the local climate. 

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