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Is It Possible to Paint Vinyl Windows?

by Jun 16, 2020

One of the most popular window materials available today is vinyl–and with good reason. Vinyl is known for its superior insulating value and low-maintenance performance. Windows made of this particular material also come with a lovely, sleek finish that lasts longer than regular paint. That said, some homeowners looking to update the look of their old vinyl windows will consider painting them. But is this possible? John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the areas trusted residential and commercial roofing contractors, answers that here.

You Can, Actually

Vinyl windows can be painted, but it will be hard. The material has a distinctive slippery surface, and paint just doesn’t stick well to it. Here’s the difficult part–you’ll need to sand them down first, roughing it just enough that a coat of paint can adhere to the surface. Then you have to prime it so the paint can bond properly to the material. Unfortunately, there’s still a good chance the paint will peel off rather quickly.

But Why Shouldn’t You?

Painting your vinyl windows not only results in flaking and peeling, it can also lead to a number of issues. Primers, for instance, contain chemicals that can soften the vinyl and compromise its structural integrity. If you paint the vinyl windows a dark color, the paint will absorb and retain heat longer, causing damage to the material. All of this can void your existing window warranty. To prevent this, you can just leave your old vinyl windows alone, or replace them with newer, better ones from John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the area’s top siding and new roof installation contractors.

Our high-quality vinyl windows come in a wide selection of colors. These include finishes in neutral and light colors, such as beige, white, tan and gray. Choosing these colors can ensure your vinyl windows will remain beautiful and never look out of place even if you decide to change your home’s exterior palette. 

Vinyl windows are always a worthy investment, but you’ll want to avoid painting them to get the most out of their good looks and performance. And for the best options, look no further than John Henderson Construction, LLC.  We’re not just your trusted expert in residential roof services. With our excellent products and professional installers, we’ll make sure your vinyl window replacement goes on swimmingly. We serve the areas in and around Westerly, RI. Call us today at (401) 615-2224 or fill out this form to schedule your consultation.

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