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How Does Winter Weather Affect Commercial Roofs?

by Dec 19, 2019

Winter weather can be harsh on your commercial roof. It’s why you should address any roofing problem before the temperature drops. The presence of ice and snow can make repairs harder and also worsen any existing damage.

One of your local commercial roofing contractors shares how winter negatively affects commercial roofing systems.

Thermal Cycling

Your roof contracts and expands with temperature changes, which can lead to cracks, splits and stress on the seams. While most roofing materials dare flexible to withstand damage from expansion and contraction, age can make a roof more prone to leaks.

Safety Risks

It can be dangerous to work on a rooftop during winter. Make sure to set up cones or neon orange snow flags on low curbs and skylights to prevent people from accidentally stepping on them. Moreover, the best way to prevent accidents is by controlling rooftop access. Let professionals handle any emergency roof repair. For quality commercial and residential roof services, contact John Henderson Construction, LLC.

Ice Dams

Water will settle on the roof if the gutters and downspouts freeze, causing ice dams to form. Moisture can go behind the gutters, into flashings, and leak into your interior. Have your roof inspected before winter and make sure that the drainage system is free from debris. Hire a licensed electrician to install heat tape in the gutters if necessary.

Snow Drifts

Snow and high winds can result in snowdrifts on your roof. Removing snow from the roof is riskier than you think. For your safety, hire a professional roofer for snow removal. They know how to safely walk on the roof and remove snow without causing damage to the surface.

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