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Busting Roof Myths: Lightning and Metal Roofs

by Jul 24, 2019

Many homeowners have this preconceived notion that metal roofs attract lightning. The belief is that metal is a highly conductive material, hypothetically making it more likely for lightning to hit the top of a residential or commercial property that utilizes it. However, no one knows when and where lightning will strike. Despite the incurred knowledge on the science behind the formation of this natural phenomenon, it still is an unpredictable event.

Read on as John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the top local residential and commercial roofing contractors, explains why metal roofs do not necessarily attract lightning.

Can Lightning Strike Metal Roofs?

Regardless if a suburban area has metal roofs or not, lightning will strike whenever it is ready. In other words, metal roofing does not affect the chances of lightning discharging from the sky and striking structures. The exact location where lightning will strike depends on the geography, topography and the storm’s movement.

New roof installation contractors also dispel the idea of metal roofs functioning as lightning rods. This is not true at all because lightning rods protect standing structures during thunderstorms. During such natural events, the power generated by it will be safely channeled to the ground. Roof and home damage are avoided as a result.

Considering a Lightning Protection System

To lower the chance of lightning striking the home, it is important that a roofing system is composed of high-resistance materials. Boosting it with a lightning protection system will also be helpful to give your property an extra layer of protection.

This system consists of a metal lightning rod, which is made to be the tallest component of the home or building. From its base, a network of metal wires is connected to metal rods buried underneath the ground. As soon as lightning strikes, the rod can route the generated energy away from your property and into the ground.

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