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What Property Owners Should Keep in Their Roofing File

by Nov 10, 2020

Every building owner or property manager needs a good, reliable roofing file to help them keep track of vital information about their roofing system. It can start with a list of original materials used and be expanded into a comprehensive record of inspection results and repair work. In this article, one of the leading commercial roofing contractors in Rhode Island, John Henderson Construction, LLC, shares what kind of documents belong in your roofing records.

Basic Roof Information

A roofing file should include the most basic information about your commercial roof. It includes the size of the roof, the location and type of penetrations and other equipment, such as roofing vents, skylights and chimneys, and other key observations from the inspection process.

Roofing Materials

The next thing your roofing file should indicate is the roofing materials utilized to build the roof. Include information on the type of membrane, insulation, flashings and other components in the system. It is also crucial to keep the labels and manufacturer manuals during re-roofing projects, according to trusted new roof installation contractors.

Warranty Information

Be sure to keep the original copy of your roofing warranty to avoid problems in the future. Your warranty determines who is qualified to do repair work on your roof and what types of revisions you can do without the approval of the manufacturer. It also indicates how frequently you need to maintain the roof to comply with the warranty.

Inspection Results

Keeping a record of inspection results over the years can help support your warranty terms. It also helps keep track of where your roof requires repair work.

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