Common Summer Roofing Problems In Westerly

by Aug 10, 2021

Just because it isn’t winter in Westerly doesn’t mean your roof is safe from nature’s onslaught. Roofs require maintenance year-round, and summer can be a particularly damaging time for your roof.

You’ve heard about our company’s expertise after years of successful roofing projects. At Henderson Roofing, we know what the most common summer roofing problems are in Westerly. These are some of them:


Heat Damage

Depending on the age of your roof, the sun’s rays can significantly impact the state of your roof. Shingle roofing, for example, can dry out and crack and will eventually need to be replaced should the damage reach such an extent that they fall off or break.


Algae and Moss Growth

If you let moss and algae go unchecked, they can do quite a bit of damage to your rooftop. If left untreated, it may continue to spread until your roof structure is compromised and may even leach into your home’s interior. It’s best to call your trusted roofing company in Westerly for a roofing inspection to determine the scale of the problem so that you’re able to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.


Compromised Gutters

Gutters should be monitored regardless of the seasons. However, summer is the best time to assess leakages and damages to your gutters, and we recommend replacing them as soon as you identify any issues. Remember, if this goes unchecked, it will directly impact the health of your roof by contributing to water and debris build-up, which can become problematic.



What will you do when your new home is overrun by wildlife? The summertime always brings a host of critters to our homes, and this year it seems that birds and rodents are the most common culprits. While they may seem harmless enough over time, their weight can be harmful to your roof or, in some cases, impact your roof’s health if left unchecked. If you think that you may have a pest problem, contact your local animal control or exterminator to get rid of the problem.


Continuing Leaks

Summer in Westerly is the perfect time to give all those leaks a thorough assessment. The dryer weather makes them easier to identify, and more importantly, fix them up. It is best practice to get your roofing service provider in during the summer to assess all potential damage and advise on the best way forward, rather than addressing the problem in winter.


For more roofing tips, give Henderson Roofing in Westerly a call today!

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