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Should You Hire a Professional Window Installer?

by Dec 11, 2020

Just like it’s important to leave your roof or siding installation to professional roofing and siding replacement companies, window replacements should also be handled by the pros. Watching a couple of video tutorials can tempt you into thinking that you can DIY a window replacement. Seeing replacement window products for sale in your local handyman shop might also lead you to believe that DIY window replacements are possible. They are, in fact, possible. However, whether or not they are easy is a completely different matter altogether.

Here are the top reasons from our experts at John Henderson Construction, LLC you should leave window replacement projects to professional window installers.

Professional Window Installer.

Professionals Do It Faster

On average, window replacement companies take less than a day to fully replace one window. It might take the whole day to replace up to 10 windows. DIY enthusiasts, on the other hand, average between three to five days to complete the job. The worst part is that during most of these days, your walls are left with a gaping hole where your window should be. Considering the energy losses you incur for leaving your wall exposed, it’s certainly much better to just hire a professional to install your windows.

Professionals Do It Better

The performance of your replacement windows depend heavily on the quality of their installation. Professionals can guarantee that your window replacement will be done, not just faster, but also completely and correctly. This alone makes it worth the trouble to hire them.

Professionals Do It Safer

When window and gutter companies install your replacement windows, you’re also getting the protection of labor warranties just in case something happens during the project. DIY projects do not have the same protection, making it a risky proposition when replacing expensive windows.

Leave your window replacement projects and other exterior remodeling with our professionals at John Henderson Construction, LLC. Give us a call in RI at (401) 615-2224 and CT at (860) 415-4055, or fill out our contact form and request a free estimate on new replacement windows today.

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