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Roof Boot: What You Should Know About It

by Oct 23, 2020

Aside from your shingles, your roof is made up of different components working together to protect your home from serious weather damage. One of these components is the roof boot, or the special rubber cover sealing the vent pipe on your roofing system. But what exactly makes the roof boot so important? John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the area’s trusted residential and commercial roofing contractors, provides a brief overview.

What a Roof Boot Does

Your home has pipe vents that allow air to enter the waste line of the plumbing system. They transfer wastewater out of your home and into the sewer system by providing the necessary pressure. These pipe vents typically run up from your kitchen and bathroom and out through your roof. To prevent outdoor air and moisture from leaking into your home, these pipe vents are covered with a roof boot. 

Why It’s Important

Your roof expands and contracts as the weather and temperature shifts. This movement in your roofing system can affect the roof boot, making it crack or peel up, which in turn, breaks the seal around the vent pipes. Should this occur, water can easily infiltrate the system during a downpour, netting you a leaky roof. Given how roof leaks usually result in property damage and a weakened foundation when left overlooked, you’ll want to make sure your roof boots are always kept intact. The premier expert in residential roofing services, John Henderson Construction, LLC can help you with this.

Professional Inspection and Replacement 

For nearly 20 years, John Henderson Construction, LLC has provided the highest quality roofing solutions to the Connecticut and Rhode Island communities we serve. We have always aimed for complete client satisfaction through exceptional workmanship, after all. Our trained and experienced team can assess the overall condition of your roof, including a checkup of the roof boots. When they are compromised, we’ll perform the necessary solution to keep your roofing and home safe and leak-free. 

John Henderson Construction, LLC is not only your leading new roof installation contractors. You can also count on us for your roof leak repair and maintenance needs. We serve Westerly, RI, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (401) 615-2224 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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