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How to Prevent Frost on Your Windows

by Dec 6, 2019

Frost forms on your windows when the cold outdoor air makes contact with warm indoor air. As the temperature outside goes below the dew point, water vapor on windows starts to solidify into a liquid that later freezes and creates ice crystals. This phenomenon is more common in older homes with single-pane windows.

Here are ways to prevent frost on windows from one of your leading window and roofing contractors

How to Avoid Frost on Windows

Dry Your Clothes Indoors – As much as possible, use the dryer for your clothes instead of hanging them to dry during the winter because this will create more moisture in the air.

Ensure Proper Heating – Keeping your interior warm enough at night will reduce the likelihood of frost formation.

Dry Your Windows – Dry condensation on your windows using a towel before it can turn into frost.

Run a Dehumidifier – It will help reduce your home’s moisture levels.

Fix Leaks – A leaky faucet and roof can build excess moisture in your interior. Make sure you address plumbing and roofing issues immediately. You can count on John Henderson Construction, LLC for your roof leak repair.

Window Replacement – Replacing your old single-pane windows is the best way to prevent frost. Modern windows with multiple panes of glass prevent heat and cold transfer as well as moisture infiltration.

What Happens When You Ignore Frost on Windows?

Frost is bad for your home and windows. It can cause damage as it melts since it brings moisture to the surface next to it, especially to wood windows. When not addressed, it can cause paint and varnish to peel and damage the wood. Over time, mold growth will occur, which can cause more problems for your home and even your health.

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