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Gutter Leader Heads: What They Are and What They Do

by Jun 13, 2019

All gutter and roofing contractors will tell you that your home’s gutter system protects your home from water runoff. However, there is an additional component that you can add to your gutter system to not just enhance its properties but to add aesthetic appeal to your home as well. This component is what’s known as a gutter leader head.

In this post, John Henderson Construction, LLC discusses the features and functions of your home’s gutter leader head.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Your roof, landscaping, windows and siding already do a good job of adding visual appeal. With a gutter leader head, you can further complement your home’s facade and overall appearance, depending on its color, design and placement. This can also give your home a classy and sophisticated appearance.

Water Channeling

Since a roof is a significant investment, it’s no surprise if you want to hold off on the roof replacement for as long as you can. After all, any additional roof repair or replacement in the future will be another strain on your finances. With a gutter leader head, you’ll barely have to worry about that since one of its primary purposes is to channel water to your home’s downspouts. Because of this, many aspiring homeowners are more than willing to pay for a home with a leader head already installed.


When choosing your gutter leader head, avoid buying one just because you want one. The aesthetic enhancement it can bring your home will only work if it matches your home’s architecture. Durability is also another feature you should be looking for; gutter leader heads made from polyurethane are usually the most durable. You can also choose a gutter leader head made from other materials, such as copper, aluminum or galvanized steel.

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