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Frequently Asked Questions About House Wrap

by Dec 13, 2019

Most siding materials don’t offer your home enough protection against moisture and its damaging effects. House wrap, usually paper, fabric or board, is a material that envelopes the exterior wall sheathing. It sheds water that gets through the siding and keeps it from penetrating the wall cavity.

Learn more about house wrap installation and its importance from one of the area’s top siding and cedar roof companies.

What Is a House Wrap?

House wraps are water-resistant but not usually waterproof. Like wind-driven rain, moisture-filled air can also infiltrate your exterior wall from inside the house. Moisture can get trapped in the wall cavity if the house wrap is waterproof, which can lead to mold growth and rot.

Does Your Home Need One?

A house wrap can be beneficial to homes with wood siding that has seams and overlapping boards. It can also be helpful for vinyl and aluminum siding that’s assembled from large panels because water can seep in through areas where the pieces meet.

On brick, stucco and other masonry-based siding materials, your builders should use the right kind of house wrap. Using a micro-porous house wrap behind masonry can allow moisture to enter wall cavities. At John Henderson Construction, LLC, our experienced roofers and siding installers can help you choose the best materials for your climate and home’s architecture.

How Long Will a House Wrap Last?

A properly installed house wrap should last as long as the house. There’s no need to change or replace house wrap unless there’s fire or structural damage.

Will It Affect Your Home’s Ventilation?

Many green building experts believe that over-sealed homes don’t exist, but poorly ventilated ones do. You’ll know if your home is under-ventilated through odors. If the smell from your cooking remains for hours, it can indicate that you don’t have sufficient ventilation at home.

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