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Current Roofing Tech Trends To Be Aware Of

by Jul 17, 2019

As with other companies in various industries, local roofing contractors today have been employing several technologies to expand their local markets. Taking advantage of cutting-edge innovations that affect business management and sustainability has enabled them to seek ways to increase job efficiency while meeting their goals and maintaining steady growth.

Read on as John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the leading roof coatings installation companies in the local area, shares the current roofing tech trends you should be aware of.


Not only are drones one of today’s most popular toys for all ages, they have been used in various aspects of multimedia, especially in film production and news broadcasts. These tools, however, are still catching on among roofing professionals.

Drones with built-in cameras that capture 4K resolution allow roofers to take detailed images of problem areas and identify safety hazards. This new kind of roof inspection doesn’t require the pro to get up on the roof, reducing the risks before the project can even start. Said images can then be shown to customers to help them become aware of the necessary repairs.

Innovations in Roof Safety

Speaking of reducing risks, many roofing companies are looking into other innovative ways to ensure on-the-job safety. Accidents can still happen during roofing projects, but a growing number of trends are creating a direct impact on teams’ safety, which can dramatically lower risk factors.

For instance, certain companies are using safety vests equipped with sensors that can detect body temperature and heart rate. Workers wearing these can be reminded whether they are starting to overheat. Other contractors are integrating GPS into safety equipment, allowing workers to mark hazards within their proximity.

At John Henderson Construction, LLC, we are committed to keeping up with improvements in the industry without sacrificing what is best for our customers. As one of the leading cedar roof companies in the local area, we want you to feel confident as we assess your goals, suggest appropriate building solutions and complete the work within your budget and time frame.

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