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Common Window Replacement Myths and The Truth Behind Them

by Oct 12, 2019

When planning your window replacement project, you’ve likely heard a few myths about replacing your windows here and there. Unfortunately, some homeowners are quick to fall for these myths and it can actually put their window replacement plans on hold.Read on as John Henderson Construction, LLC discusses the truth behind these common window replacement myths.

It Won’t Improve Energy Efficiency

This notion is a myth as a large percentage of wasted energy is lost through the windows. With that in mind, if you want to save a significant amount every month, then replacing your old windows with modern ones is your best bet.

It Takes a While and Can Damage Your Home

One of the reasons some homeowners are reluctant to replace their old windows is because they fear that the job may take a while and can even cause damage to their homes. However, this notion is actually a misconception as just as you need to find the right roofers for your roof, you’ll also have to find the right window installation contractor for your home. Once you’ve done so, the job can be completed faster than expected with almost no impact to your home’s overall structure.

Summer Is the Best Time for Replacements

This is the most common myth you’ll hear about window replacement project. However, just because summer is the sunniest season of the year, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best time to get your windows replaced. In actuality, experts say that fall is the best time to replace your windows as the weather is still agreeable compared to the freezing temperatures of winter and the heat of summer.

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