Common Myths and Misconceptions About Vinyl Windows

by May 9, 2019

Vinyl windows offer many benefits, such as low-maintenance requirements and energy-efficient features. Replacement window and roof coatings installation companies Henderson Roofing debunks common myths and misconceptions surrounding vinyl windows.

MYTH: Installing Vinyl Windows Won’t Result in Savings

Traditional windows are equipped with single-pane glass, which is notorious for its conductive properties. It allows heat to pass through, resulting in drafts and heat loss during winter. Your HVAC system compensates for the temperature difference, which results in higher energy costs. Today’s vinyl windows feature insulated cores and multi-pane glass that help minimize heat conduction. If properly installed, you can expect savings on your energy bills.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Are Not Recyclable

Setting aside the fact that glass is an infinitely recyclable material—which means it does not degrade no matter how many times it gets recycled—many people are under the impression that vinyl is not recyclable at all. This is not true; in fact, vinyl (also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC) is one of the few types of plastics that can be recycled. Replacement window and cedar roof companies like ours make sure that we properly dispose of old vinyl windows by sending them to properly equipped facilities.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Are Only Available in Neutral Colors

On the contrary, vinyl can be made in virtually any color. The best part about vinyl products is that the colors are molded-in, which means it will not require painting at all unless you change your mind about the color.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Are Only Available in Certain Styles

Vinyl is an extruded material, which means it can be built into virtually any style, from standard double-hung windows to projection windows such as bay windows, bow windows and various types of combination windows. Certain manufacturers even offer specialty window styles, which incorporate design elements as custom window shapes and grille designs.

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