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A Sagging Roof: Common Causes and What To Do About It

by Oct 6, 2019

A sagging roof is something that no homeowner wants to deal with. After all, once it sags, it can only mean that your home will require a costly roof replacement. When it comes to roof sagging, some homeowners are often left baffled by what could possibly cause it and what they can do about it. 

In this post, John Henderson Construction, LLC discusses everything you need to know about sagging roofs.


If your roofing system has some years behind it, then it’s possible that the age of the roof is the cause of its sagging. After all, as time goes by, the structural integrity of your roof can grow weaker allow for sagging. Once that happens, you’ll have no choice but to replace the roof as soon as possible to prevent further issues in your home.


According to roofing contractors, moisture is the number one enemy of roofing systems and is also one of the leading causes of sagging. All roofing systems are designed to drain runoff water with the help of gutter systems. Unfortunately, if your gutter system or roof itself is damaged, it can cause severe moisture problems for the system as the moisture will infiltrate the underlying wood deck and supporting structure. This can cause these structures to deteriorate, eventually leading to a sagging roof.


Too much weight can also cause your roof to start drooping as your roofing system is designed to handle a specific maximum weight load. Once you surpass that maximum weight load, you roof is basically guaranteed to sag. One leading cause of this is having too many layers on the roof.

What You Can Do About It

Luckily for homeowners such as yourself, there are a few ways to fix a sagging roof. If your home happens to have a traditional rafter-style roof frames, depending on the problem and its severity, the framing can be bolstered internally. But if it’s in need of a replacement anyway, it’s best that you listen to your contractor and have it done. Alternatively, regular roofing inspections can also root out the things that can potentially cause a sagging roof and repair them before it even happens in the first place.

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