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A Quick Comparison Between K-Style and Half-Round Gutters

by Jul 14, 2020

Gutters are one of your home’s main protection against water damage. They safely divert rainwater away from your property, helping keep your foundation, roof, siding and other parts of your exterior in good shape. When getting new gutters, you have the choice between K-style and half-round.

One of the area’s best new roof installation contractors shares a quick comparison of K-Style and half-round gutters.

Half-Round Gutters

Homes with metal roofs usually have half-round gutters as well as houses built before the 1950s. If you’re planning on restoring a historic home, these gutters are for you. However, they can be more complicated and time-consuming to install than K-style gutters since they need more brackets. They also don’t fit flat along the roof’s edge.

Half-round gutters feature clean lines that complement rounder roofs. They are also easier to clean due to its tube-like shape. Because they don’t have a lot of edges and nooks where debris can build up, they are less likely to develop corrosion.

K-Style Gutters

Many residential and commercial roofing contractors recommend K-style gutters for modern structures. They are ideal for angled roofs, which are present in many houses in the U.S. today. This is one reason most houses in the country have this gutter style.

K-style gutters are flat on one side and they are secured directly into the fascia. Another reason this gutter style is so popular is that they appear similar to crown moldings found on interior ceilings. Due to their high demand, most manufacturers have standardized the gutter profile in their machines.

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