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4 Ways to Prevent Roof Water Damage

by Oct 16, 2020

Leaks may be a common roofing problem, but it pays not to get too familiar with them. When left unattended, a roof leak can worsen and leave your home susceptible to extensive water damage. You don’t want to underestimate leaks–so take the necessary measures that help prevent them from developing. John Henderson Construction, LLC, one of the trusted roofing contractors in the area, shares some ways to head off roof water damage.

1. Replace missing or damaged shingles. Have you checked your roof lately? Some of its shingles may already be cracked, bent, or even missing. These make it easy for rainwater to infiltrate your roofing system and cause leaks. You can fix this by removing the damaged shingles and placing new ones in their place. But this is only viable if you’re quite handy about home repair, or comfortable about walking on your roof.

It might be a wiser idea to consult a trusted roofing professional like John Henderson Construction, LLC, instead. We can deal with the damaged shingles on your roof to ensure the system remains sturdy and leak-free. Just note, however, that when damaged shingles already cover large, multiple sections of your system, it might need a complete roof replacement instead.

2. Deal with ponding water. Are there pools of water standing on your roof following a downpour? Ponding can lead to a number of issues, the biggest of which are rot and water infiltration. Managing this issue can be a bit tricky. If you have a flat or low-sloped roof, you only need to make sure its drainage spots are clean and unblocked, but a steeply-pitched roof may require more complex work. Consult your trusted local roofer for the necessary solution.

3. Clean your gutters. Congested gutters allow runoff to splash onto your siding and seep through the roof overhang. You’ll want to keep your gutter system clean for this reason. This means regularly clearing the leaves and debris accumulating inside, and making sure any tree branches hanging over your gutters are cut down

4. Have the flashing checked regularly. The flashing covers the more leak-prone spots of your roof, such as the chimneys, skylights, dormers, vents and valleys. Have it thoroughly checked, especially following a major weather event, and should your roofer discover any roof water damage, let them handle it through expert roof leak repair

Look no further than John Henderson Construction, LLC for your roof repair and maintenance needs. We serve Westerly, RI, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (401) 615-2224 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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