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4 Best Practices in Professional Gutter Installation

by Jun 9, 2020

John Henderson Construction, LLC is not only one of the area’s trusted cedar roof companies. We can also handle a variety of exterior home upgrades, including gutter installation. Some would consider this project easy to DIY, but it actually takes careful, precise work to ensure more than satisfactory results. Here are some of the gutter installation best practices we use for a more worry-free process.

1. We have a detailed material list. We start by compiling everything we need for the job. All the necessities are loaded properly in our vehicle, and once we arrive at your home, our professional installers can begin work straightaway. At John Henderson Construction, LLC, we always make sure to avoid any unnecessary delays that may cost our clients time and money.

2. We use the right tools, materials and equipment for the job. And as one of the area’s premier roofers and gutter experts, we have the experience to use them properly, as well. By using the appropriate tools or materials, we can create the desired results–a clean and sleek gutter system–and prevent damage to your property and roofline. We bring our gutter extrusion machine so we craft your new seamless gutters on-site, meaning they’ll match your home’s precise specifications.

3. We calculate proper gutter pitch.Our professional installers make sure that your new gutters are pitched correctly. This way, rainwater can flow through the system smoothly and out the downspouts. Otherwise, your gutters won’t be able to drain properly, and the water they’re supposed to direct away will end up seeping into your home’s interiors and foundation. 

4. We always have the crimp facing down. When we install elbows and downspouts, we always have the crimped ends face down to prevent leaking at the joints. We also cut the downspout outlet to make the work appear neater and better-looking. 

Aside from working as one of the area’s top roof coatings installation companies, John Henderson Construction, LLC can also provide exceptional gutter installation service. We’ll make sure the work is done perfectly right the first time when you turn to us. We serve Westerly, RI, and the nearby areas. Call us today at (401) 615-2224 or fill out this form to schedule your consultation.

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