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3 Tips on Combining Different Window Styles

by Jan 10, 2020

More homeowners are adopting transitional home styles, or home styles that combine traditional and contemporary elements. Window styles are one such element that yields great results when different styles are combined. In this blog, the roofers at John Henderson Construction, LLC share tips on how to combine different window styles effectively.

Forget About Traditional Vs. Contemporary

You have probably read or heard advice about how traditional window styles should be installed on homes with traditional architectural styles. While this is a good (unwritten) rule to follow if you’re after an authentic look, it doesn’t apply—and can even restrict your design choices—when trying to combine different styles.

Take transitional home styles as an example. Designing a transitional home doesn’t follow conventional rules, which gives you a wide selection of materials to choose from. You could be working with cedar roof companies for your roofing, while having a sleek, modern outdoor deck installed by another contractor. Imagine taking the same approach to window styles. For instance, something as traditional as French-style grilles can be incorporated into contemporary sliding windows.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Whatever window design you come up with, don’t ignore the basics. Windows are supposed to provide natural lighting, ventilation, and perhaps even frame a view, therefore changes that diminish these basic requirements should be avoided. Energy efficiency is also another feature you should not overlook, as it can help you save on your indoor heating and cooling costs.

Additionally, you should not ignore window requirements as set forth in local building codes. You’re not required to memorize them—a licensed window contractor can ensure compliance prior to installation—however, you should nevertheless heed building codes if you have a specific window design in mind.

Work With a Window Professional

You probably won’t find the exact replacement windows that you want at your local depot, so you’re more likely to get the right windows by working with a window professional. As with all bespoke things, custom replacement windows will cost more than off-the-shelf ones. However, if properly designed, such windows can be a dramatic improvement over conventional window styles.

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